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A Touch of Pragmatism in Clinical Trials

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In this article, our Medical Experts explore the concept of “Pragmatic Clinical Trials” as a research approach that supports determining the effectiveness of an intervention to facilitate decision making in day-to-day clinical practice.

“Explanatory trials generally measure efficacy which reflects on the benefit a treatment produces under ideal conditions, usually employing carefully selected participants in a research centre. Pragmatic trials in contrast measure effectiveness, the benefit a treatment produces in a routine clinical practice. The focus in pragmatic trials lies on external validity, the ability to generate results in extended populations and clinical settings. As they are driven by the need to produce clinically applicable results, pragmatic trials allow maximal heterogeneity in all aspects of their design (such as participants’ eligibility, comparison treatments, variety of clinical settings and choice of participants to be included in outcome analysis) to reflect the conditions of daily clinical practice.”

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