Science Driven CRO

Science Driven CRO


About Europital

Europital is an international Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing a full range of medical services during the clinical research and development phases for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and for governmental and scientific Institutes.

With our scientific mindset, methodical approach and creative, science-driven solutions, each valued member of our Europital team is dedicated to deliver the highest quality services with a high sense of project ownership as we know that the scientific value of your results defines the return on your investment.

The scientific value of study results defines your ROI.

Since the foundation of Europital in 2010, Medical Science has been at the heart of our business. As an International Medical Service CRO, quality, efficiency and operational excellence drive our daily activities. At Europital, we think and act not as service providers but as a true partner to our clients where we think together, work together and achieve success together. With our Global projects, we have been able to reach all continents on the planet exchanging knowledge, appreciating differences and building lasting partnerships.

Why Europital

  • What is the key benefit Europital provides that surpasses what is already available on the CRO market?
  • For more than a decade, Europital has been successfully providing high quality Medical Management services to the pharma industry and it achieves this by being staffed mostly by experienced and quality physicians. With the critical role played by Medics in any clinical trial, our broad and high-quality medical expertise that is integrated into our full services offer, makes Europital stand apart from its competitors and will be of great potential benefit to our existing and new clients.
  • Are you looking for a reliable partner for your study who will share responsibility and accountability?
  • The team at Europital has an unprecedented sense of project ownership. We go the extra mile with our clients to ensure success.
  • Do you want to ensure the quality of your study and the robustness of your data?
  • Europital is founded on medical science, and quality is our trademark.
  • Are you seeking a work partner who understands the specific requirements for your project?
  • At Europital, we know that each study is unique, and we establish a project-specific roadmap built on efficiency, flexibility and creative thinking to ensure operational excellence.

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