PenThu® is the first Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS) in the clinical research industry. It is an innovative approach that drives performance, knowledge and efficiencies via the creation of an interactive environment that provides the kind of transparency needed to share and access information in a way that really maximizes team performance and creates true partnership. […]




We are delighted to announce that our team of medical experts at Europital is growing. Kelechi Olu has recently joined Europital as “Clinical Research Physician” to our medical services division. With strong research interests, Dr. Olu has garnered considerable experience in various aspects of clinical drug development and post-marketing surveillance, and in clinical research at large. As […]



EPC Magazine
Dr Mohamed El Malt, CEO and Chief Medical Consultant at Europital, has been recently selected as Industry Advisor by the European Pharmaceutical Contractor Magazine (EPC). From February onwards, Europital’s CEO will be closely collaborating with the publication and contributing to its media planning. Dr El Malt will provide his expert opinion in the form of writing features or columns […]



  Since the 1st of October 2014, Europital Medical Consultancy’s Team has been working from a new location in the heart of the beautiful city of Ghent. Our new offices are situated inside the ICC (International Conference Center) Ghent Building, which also works as convention center, hosting many different events during the year. We are really excited with this […]



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