PenThu®, the First Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS). Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials, Amsterdam 2016: Dr Mohamed El Malt, Chief Medical Officer at Europital, presents PenThu®, the First Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS) at the Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials 2016 event in Amsterdam.




Europital Medical Services: We are a group of Senior Medical Experts – highly experienced research Physicians who provide in-depth knowledge and hands–on commitment in a variety of therapeutic areas and disease indications.




Maximizing Efficiency of Clinical Trial Management: As a global platform, PenThu provides your team members secure access to the established guidance repository while creating a transparent environment where a roundtable of respondents can promptly resolve and clarify guidance questions.




With PenThu®, the project-specific guidance repository is instantly updated to ensure your team members always have access to the applicable medical information.




PenThu®: Medical Guidance Life Cycle. The (IGMS) Interactive Guidance Management System Life Cycle




PenThu®, The Future of Guidance Management in Clinical Research, is an intuitive platform enabling you the means to smoothly provide medical guidance and manage medical issues across multiple projects with minimal effort, saving you: time, energy and resources.



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