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Your study may not need a full CSR for your marketing application. Depending on the type of study you are conducting, or its intended purpose, it may only be necessary to submit an abbreviated version of the full ICH E3 CSR.

The FDA and EMA have produced a series of guidelines and legislation aimed at clarifying when anything less than a complete CSR may be submitted for their review.

In brief, a full CSR would include both efficacy and safety data, but there are instances when it is preferable to report parts of the study at a later date in a supplemental CSR.

Or, if the efficacy and clinical pharmacology data are not needed to support the efficacy claim of your treatment, you could choose between writing an abbreviated CSR or a synoptic report.

The complete regulatory guidelines and legislation are linked below to help you determine which report is right for your study. The guidelines also recommend that, when in doubt, to consult the relevant regulatory authority.

Each of these options could save valuable time in reporting only the necessary information to the regulatory authorities and help bring your innovative treatment to market sooner.

Further Reading

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