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Europital opens new office in Oxford, England

October 26, 2020

Europital Team

Ghent, Belgium: (October 26th, 2020) Europital, an international full service CRO, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom (UK) is an increasingly attractive and competitive location to perform clinical studies, and in the year 2018 to 2019 alone, more than 870,000 people took part in clinical trials across England. Europital is therefore glad to announce the opening of their latest office in Oxford, England, one of the most rapidly growing hubs of drug discovery and medical device development in the UK.

Europital’s new office is in an ideal location to serve the local research industry. The Oxford Biotech Cluster is a mature epicenter of life science research companies and one of the three closely situated regions in the UK known as the “Golden Triangle.” This Golden Triangle accounts for more than a third of biotech companies in the UK and is responsible for receiving more than 60% of the share of investment in the whole of the UK’s life sciences industry.

The UK office will expand its operational team over the coming months and will seek to work with small and medium biotechs to design and execute projects, particularly for First in Man, Phase I and Phase II clinical studies.

Mohamed El Malt, Chief Medical Officer of Europital, said, “We already partner with several biotechs in the UK, and we have seen that small innovators have a clear need for a science-focused CRO that can provide detailed knowledge and therapeutic experience. Gaining access to senior medical CRO expertise can be extremely challenging for the smaller innovators; what they need is a partner who brings a medical department with real-world trial experience to be a scientific driving force behind the project’s study design, execution and ultimate success.

“You often hear ‘follow the molecule’ in CRO circles. What we are doing is following the innovator. We are looking at where we can best help our biotech partners to advance their candidates through clinical trials. There is a real shortage of senior experience in the market because of the sheer number of trials underway. It is, perhaps, unsurprising therefore that we have seen an almost 100% repeat business rate and we expect to see rapid growth in partnerships.”

As the UK prepares to withdraw from the European Union under uncertain terms and conditions, the presence of a Europital office in the UK is also of strategic importance and a reassurance to the concerns of sponsors in the research industry. This office in the UK is Europital’s third regional office, after an office in Budapest, Hungary, was opened in 2017 and the first Europital office was founded in 2010 in Ghent, Belgium.

About Europital

Europital is an international contract research organization (CRO), providing a full range of services for the clinical research and other drug and medical device development phases. We collaborate with sponsors in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and for governmental and scientific Institutes.

With Europital’s scientific mindset, methodical approach and creative, science-driven solutions, each valued member of our Europital team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services with a high sense of project ownership. Europital’s readiness, reliability and flexibility all mean we are committed to the success of clinical projects worldwide.

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