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With or Without a Medical Writer?

The publication of clinical trial results need to be reported in a high quality, comprehensive, and timely manner in order to share useful research findings with the global community. This enables efficient worldwide clinical development and allows both clinicians and patients alike to judge the risks and benefits of treatments they may be considering.

In order to achieve these goals of effective and ethical communication of trial results, sponsors often seek to assist the study authors in their task by employing the services of medical writing professionals who can manage the projects efficiently and provide a clear and logical account of the trial´s findings.

This writing assistance for study authors was the subject of a recently published systematic review and concluded that a medical writer´s assistance was positively associated with the overall quality of reporting. Quality, in this context, was determined as an increased adherence to Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) guidelines, publication in journals with an impact factor, a higher quality of written English, and a lower likelihood of reporting non-pre-specified outcomes (Evuarherhe O et al., 2019).

The study also found that working with a medical writer improved the timeliness of publication as determined by a reduced time from Last Patient Last Visit (LPLV) to primary publication.

This study, published in 2019, helps to substantiate previously reported positive attitudes towards the important work of medical writers and shows the difference a medical writer can make when reporting clinical trials.

Further Reading

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