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Medical Management In Clinical Trials (01): A Roadmap To Operational Excellence

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Information sharing and knowledge transfer is one of the key missions for Europital where, via various scientific publications, the team is actively contributing to the research community and the pharmaceutical industry.

During 2016, our team of experts will share this knowledge with the clinical research community thanks to a series of articles to be published consecutively each quarter.

The first article of these series was recently published at the magazine “Journal for Clinical Studies” and covers the key contribution of the Research Physician / Medical Monitor during the Development Phase of Clinical Study.

Medical Management of clinical trials is at the fore in safeguarding the safety and well-being of the study participants and, at the same time, ensuring the credibility of the delivered data. Our experts use their significant real life medical experience in global clinical trials during the last two decades to layout key practical approaches that, ensure high quality, introduce significant efficiencies and support establishing a roadmap for operational excellence when it comes to Medical Management of clinical trials. This Clinical Trials Medical Management marquee delves into the significant role of the responsible Medical Monitor during the various milestones of a clinical trial including study development, set-up, trial conduct and close-out phases.

We invite you to read the entire article (pages 30-35) in the Journal for Clinical Studies by clicking the cover image.