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PenThu® provides a start to finish knowledge capture solution with regard to study guidance issues. No more missing information and no more wasted time!”

Dr. Mohamed El Malt, MD, PhD
CMO – Europital

PenThu®, the first Interactive Guidance Management System (IGMS) in the clinical research industry, is an intuitive platform enabling you with the means to smoothly provide study guidance and manage guidance issues across multiple projects with minimal effort, saving: time, energy and resources.

With the unique icon driven dashboard the IGMS enables you to stay on top of important issues and effortlessly navigate actionable items at a glance. PenThu® automatically prioritizes and classifies all guidance requests and questions minimizing time wasted sorting non-relevant communications. All guidance communications handled through PenThu® are automatically archived for download and review. With the customizable notification system, any urgent requests, actionable items, and updates are automatically sent by the IGMS to the designated team members ensuring timely actions.

PenThu® is developed by Europital seasoned clinical research professionals and founded on three-core principles:

  • Creating, managing and deploying all guidance resources to the entire study team
  • Providing team members global access to a searchable study-specific guidance repository with a means to request new guidance  to the Responsible Team Members
  • Overseeing, tracking and measuring the progress of the project and the performance of the team

View the PenThu® workflow.

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